Hard drive died on Lenovo z580 need info on what to buy

my hard drive died on my z580 Lenovo 2 yrs old, ( was windows7) if I buy a new hard drive should I buy new windows at a store for whatever $ or should I have Lenovo send me a disc for 70$ ..
Is there a difference in the disc .? And can I up grade to windows 8 .? Thank you for any help On which to purchase..THX
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  1. You might be able to recover your data from an adapter like this for $20+. http://www.howtogeek.com/182452/how-to-get-data-off-an-old-hard-drive-without-putting-it-in-a-pc/

    If it is totally dead then you might have to buy another license unless you have the product key. The Lenovo disc will install your pc to the same condition and software as the day you received your PC if it is a factory reinstall disc. If you want to go with 8 then you could just buy that instead but for $70 the Lenovo deal still sounds the best.
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