How to move pre-installed windows 8 from Hard Drive to a SSD?

I have a ASUS G75VW with windows that came pre-installed and I have recently acquired a 120GB SSD and would like to move windows to the SSD. I have nothing installed on the laptop and I have no discs or anything. How would I go about getting this done. Thank you in advanced.
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    There are videos to this - How to migrate Windows 8.1 to an SSD drive - How to: Move OS From Your Laptop's Hard Drive to an SSD
  2. If your ssd has a free clone utility, use that.
    Intel and Samsung have them, others might too.
    Attach your ssd with a usb to sata cable and clone your hard drive to the ssd.
    Then remove the hard drive and replace with the ssd.

    Ifyou need a utility, I think clonix and acronis have clone utilities.
  3. You can clone or image. In you're case hdd to ssd, i would recommend cloning. It would basically clone everything from A to B. You can browse youtube and google for free app for windows and guide how to do it. Its too elaborate to give instruction here
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