gtx 680 or 960?? which one is best?

I just read that gtx 680 (I guess it's the gtx 680 with 2gb) supports Photoshop, After Effects and Maya. I'm not sure if it can work in Premiere Pro too?
But gtx 960 is also strong but as I understand it can work in Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D. It can also work in the other adobe programs (PS, AE above) but with limits!

So, should I try to get 680 or should I stick to 960??

(gtx 960 is cheaper than gtx 680: aboout $271)

There are two model of gtx680 (don't know the difference between MSI and ASUS):
MSI V282-016R, GeForce GTX 680, NVIDIA, 1124 Mhz, 2 GB, GDDR5-SDRAM
price: $293.4
ASUS GTX680-DC2-2GD5 - GF GTX 680 - 2 GB GDDR5 - PCI Express 3.0 x16 - 2 x DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort)
price: $367.4

(please don't discuss the price that you can find it cheaper. In my country they're not cheaper..)

my computer
* i7-4790
* 16 ram
* z97-ar mobo
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  1. I'm not sure for the programs you listed, but for gaming, look at this page:
  2. I'm sorry I don't play games. It only tells me that 960 is faster but I need more information.

    Anyone who can help me?
  3. The 680 is and old gpu, 3 generations old. Dont get it, save more money and get a gtx 970.
  4. Actually, gaming is relevant, as related to graphics ability and power. The Gtx680 is a much stronger gpu than the newer Gtx960 in every way that counts. Not knowing the details of what After Effects or Maya need, you can run Photoshop on an integrated gpu, it would just be slower.

    While both gpus are decent, the biggest difference will be in power needs, the 960 is a 120w card with minimum required 400w psu and 1x 6pin, the 680 is a 200w card with minimum 550w psu and 2x 6pin connectors.

    I have an Asus gtx 660ti, and gotta say it's been an awesome gpu, dead quiet, runs cool and never given me a single moment of trouble so I'm a little biased towards Asus on this, however, the MSI twin frozr gpus are also very good, run cool and quiet, so it comes down to budget and brand preference really.

    Personally, its a work computer, so you'll have to figure on things like power ability, longevity, compatability etc. The 960 is a Maxwell gpu, and those can have issues with pc's that run a non-uefi bios. But it's also newer, cooler running and requires less power and will be more compatible with things like Windows 8.1,dx12 and what comes out tomorrow. The 680 will work in any pc, runs a little warmer, requires more power, but is a more powerful gpu that may or may not be totally compatible with newer editions of some software in the future.

    I'd skip both those gpus, and get a gtx970. It's much more powerful than either, so has all those bonuses when it comes to resolutions, pixel rates, frame times, etc yet requires no more power than the 680, while running cooler and quieter, yet will also have greater compatibility like the 960.
  5. Best answer
    Gtx 960 will work better with your programs.. Gtx 680 is strong in gaming nut gtx 960 has new technology and faster cores.

    Get gtx 960 if u wont game
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