Need a new CPU fan+heatsink, looking for suggestions

My stock fan has a couple broken push-pins so it's not entirely secure (plus my heatsink paste looks dried out), and my CPU is reaching 90-95 C while I'm gaming, which I hear is too hot and can cause damage over time. So I'm looking for a new fan...I have an Intel i5-2500k, which I'm told is socket type 1155, and my motherboard is this:

I was looking at the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO, but I'm not certain it'll fit. I don't have a very large case, nor does my mobo seem very big either. So I'm thinking I should go with something smaller? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It will fit the board question is the case it needs about 160mm from the CPU to the side panel.
  2. What case do you have? If you do not know the brand and model how wide is it (measure it)
    Cooler master makes The Tx3 and tx4 and they cool pretty well. The tx4 is really a shorter hyper 212+
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    212 evo fits NP
  4. Yep plenty of room in the Haf 912!
  5. Alright guys I'll go with the Evo then. I was hesitant cause I only have a mid-tower case but if it'll fit in there it seems like a good fan. Now I just have to try and avoid PC gaming until it gets here so my processor doesn't go over 90 C again.
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