Looking for a good gaming computer budget of 700-1300

I have an idea on YouTube but its from 2014 and it might be outdated its around like 800 dollars heres the link to look at it, I'd prefer to get cheaper stuff but please recommend.
I'm not going to build it im just going to pay someone to build it if i were to get this build above it would just make things easier on me. :P
was also thinking of buying this
The first option, although im confused it only has 8 gigs of hard drive space, or is that something else? I dont know.
Reply on what you think would be best
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  1. MisterSprinkles said:
    It's all crap honestly...


    There you have an ideal gaming PC which will smoke even the Alienware that costs almost $600 more when gaming. It'll smoke it by a lot. You'll get performance JUST below the $2600 Alienware machine in games.

    Thanks man, I'll do some researching to make sure all those parts are good! I am going to keep this thread open just in case anyone else wants to provide feedback, thanks again though!
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