Internet Not Working On Router as a WiFi(Hotspot)

Hi..I am facing a peculiar problem since few days ie,i have a Asus RT-N10E wifi enabled router & my internet is via a lan connection ie,the lan cable is plugged into the router port first & then my pc is connected to it via Ethernet Cable provided & i have setup the router with manual settings ie,static ip,subnet mask,default gateway & dns server as per provided by the operator(using these settings since more than a year) with the router,now since few days as usual i can login(in browser to connect with internet)via my pc or or my smartphone(Nexus 5),internet works on the pc but NOT in the mobile(hotspot).The phone finds my hotspot(router) & connects to it fine but no internet(no page opens no google play,fb app not working etc) but i can do whatapp but cant download any media.
Now i have reset settings in router many times,tried 3 other smartphones even replaced the router with same model(borrowed from friend),cloned mac etc etc but the issue is there.
My question is:
If the router & settings is faulty then how everything is working fine in pc(wired & didnt changed the wireless settings,they are like before)?And same is happening even when replaced the router :(
If the phone is faulty then why the other phones also connects but not getting internet?
Now i cant even think to buy a new router(present one still in warranty) same will happen with that too..waste of money.

I am really very upset due to this guys...any help are desperately welcome & sorry for this long story & my english..waiting for your replies desperately.
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    If the issue is happening with different routers, and different phones/devices, then the problem lies with the connection itself, which would seem to be beyond your control. Whoever gives you internet via the ethernet cable has somehow changed their settings. You need to speak with them about the issues you are having.
  2. Yes me too think this the issue..but unfortunately they dont provide support if you are using a router..
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