I need help with overclocking my XFX R9 280X!

Okay so i just bought a new(check them out at there links in bottom) XFX R9 280X 3 gig graphics card along with a 1000 watt EVGA power supply. First off is it even a good idea to overclock a new card or just the card itself?Are my temps too high for my computer components? Do i need an aftermarket cooler for overclocking? my specs are
AMD 6300 Six core processor
MSI 760GM-P34 (FX) motherboard
just a standard CD/dvd drive
1TB regular HD
2x4 GB sticks of ram
XFXR9280X graphics card (
and a EVGA 1000watt powersupply (

My standard clocks that the card came with are 1000 MHZ clock and 1500 mhz Memory. I did overclock it myself testing it every 10 mhz using heaven. everything seemed stable with no issues or artifacts. managed to get 1200 Clock and 1750 memory overclocked. anything above 1220 i started seeing issues so i reverted to 1200. i never saw issues with the memory so i just decided that was good enough and stayed there.Also i never touched the voltage and i wont! Okay so now my temps for my system are as followed. My GPU temps get to about 70-76 degrees celsius highest when gaming which it is usually is 40-45 idle. My CPU is getting to 60-65 degrees celsius when gaming and 50-55 idle.

Which when i had my old graphics card my CPU temps were lower always then my GPU. so this is scaring my a little bit. ever since i stayed with my overclock setting my games keep freezing as well so i reverted back to my regular 1000MHZ clock and 1500MHZ memory speeds because i dont wanna damage the card. Can anyone help me figure out why my game is crashing and are my specs okay? also i only had the overclock settings for a couple of days and have been changing the setting around so did i do any damage to the card? From what i read online about other peoples overclocks with this card theirs were lower but i had no problems testing it on heaven.Can anyone please help me out! please!
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    your older GPU might have been just so slow, that it's temperatures were just very low. compared to the 280x. the 280x is a very powerful card, and its not surprising that the CPU heats up way more, because the 280x is really pushing the boundaries of the 6300. what card did you have before?
  2. I had an R7 250 2 gig.... it was def low end. ya it seems to run okay at those temps so far. I'm not bottle necking or anything my PCU usage is only 80% at full load which is normal. sow hat about my other questions though?
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