Help needed. CPU or Mobo problem here.

Guess I will start this in CPU. But it may be that the mobo is bad. Heres my deal.

I fairly recently bought a computer that was built by DYIer. It is a windows 7 machine with a Gigabyte EP43 UD3L 775 socket, and a Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700. The machine has 6gb of DDR2 mushkin ram in it. I bought it for use as a media machine basically. Just something to watch vids, movies, play music and such. While gaming on my other machine.

Recently I was watching blue bloods on Netflix and noticed that the audio and movie were out of sync. So I delved into the machine to see what the problem was. After installing CPUID. I found out the 2.66mhz Cpu was not running at its freq. The processor is only hitting 1599mhz fluctuating between that and 1600mhz on a multiplier of 6. And the multiplier seems to be locked at 6 according to CPUID.

Having taken a look in to the bios the multiplier wont accept any changes. If I make a change in the multiplier. The computer wont boot at all. So what I would like is some suggestions. Maybe some troubleshooting tips. Before I make any determination to swap out the board or CPU for a replacement.
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  1. Guess I shouldnt expect any help either lol
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