i have the same problem after adding memory, Windows 7 wont boot during animation. I caught Crucial's attention when i mention

They told me it sounds like the Graphics driver of Intel CPU.
Since the boot process only hangs during the animation it sounds more like the Intel Chip is not happy with the graphics driver.
Crucial told me to update the Intel Graphics for that CPU ( since the Graphics are embedded inside the CPU now)
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  1. can you boot into Safe Mode?
  2. i hanen't tried it yet...I'm assuming I could. I went back into Gigabyte's website and found an update for the BIOS regarding 'memory compatibility issues'. I'm reluctant in updating the BIOS because there is that slim chance the flashing could go wrong.
    I also noticed Gigabyte does have a few Intel updates and an Intel embedded graphics update ( non BIOS related) so I will have to try those 2 first before committing to Flashing the BIOS.
    But good point, if I can boot into SAFE MODE, it could prove it is more than likely a Graphics issue inside Intel ( since Intel now does the graphics in the chip now)
    More to follow on Tuesday, as the computer is an office computer. I will keep you posted
  3. you should be able to download drivers from Intel
  4. I'm hopping that they have a driver for that. Otherwise, I may not be able to use the 1600 Mhz memory and revert to 1333 Mhz memory. Gigabyte boast you can use memory all the way up to 2800 Mhz ( I'd like to see that !). I think what the big obstacle is the Graphics in that intel chip. Gigabyte says to 'disable HD Graphics if Over Clocking' but how do you do that? Its all build in the Intel Chip. Is it that inside the BIOS to disable it? And if I do Disable HD Graphics, would the display look horrible (non-HD)?
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