Windows 7 Boot Problems After Installing Windows Updates

Hello everyone. Here's the story thus far -

So, I went to go ahead and do a routine formatting of my hard drives and was going to put a fresh copy of Windows on my SSD.

After loading all the files from my flash drive, like I have numerous times using the same flash drive, and installing the first chunk of Windows updates, everything seemed to be running smoothly. However, when I installed the second bit of Windows updates, and then rebooted, my problem appeared. As it shut down and powered back on, the image on my desktop would appear, but that was it. No taskbar, start menu, desktop icons, no anything would appear and it would just stay like that. I tried using ctrl+alt+del but that only brought me to a black screen. I was able to toggle between the desktop background image and the black screen using ctrl+alt+del and the esc button.

So, after restarting again and again, nothing changed. So, I popped in the same flash drive that I used to install the copy of Windows and ran a repair on it and restored it to before the updates were installed. Everything began running smoothly again. After trying to redownload the updates again with the same errors, I decided to format the hard drives once more and try reinstalling Windows again. Loaded the files, went through the first round of updates, everything went the same as the first time around, but then the same problems occurred.

Does anyone know how I could possibly fix this? Do I need to possibly need to delete and make a new image on my flash drive? Drivers? I'm not sure. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    The three updates I have that are being installed are -

    "Security Update for Windows.... (KB3035126)"

    "Security Update for Windows... (KB3035132)"

    and one more, I'll be able to post the name in a bit.
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