List of the i5 and i7 5th Gen Intel Processors that supports lga1150 z97 motherboards?

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  1. None
  2. Not available yet.
  3. So I m better off with z87?
  4. What do you mean?
  5. Ok In the Articles with z97 and z87.They have clarified that z97 have support for 5th gen broadwell cpus which z87 dont have support
    here it is:
  6. No, it has to be Z97 :)
  7. And they will, with a BIOS update. Only the Broadwell CPUs are not on the market, yet.
  8. any estimates on when will they released?
  9. And Approx Price ?
  10. That depends on intel, the market, hurricanes, earthquakes, snakes on a plane, I'd look at the pricing history and take a guess.
  11. bp8401363 said:
    And Approx Price ?

    I guess that it will be close to i7-4790k
  12. At release will it be above $300?
  13. Also, I'd recommend getting an ASUS board with the USB Bios Flashback, then you can update the bios, even when your CPU isn't compatible.
  14. bp8401363 said:
    At release will it be above $300?

    Most probably, yes. At least the i7.
  15. lastly can u List me asus mobo with usb bios flashback?
  16. Best answer
    Pro, Deluxe, Maximus VII Hero
  17. alexoiu said:
    Pro, Deluxe, Maximus VII Hero

    The Sabertooth, Gryphon, and WS will also have it. There is also the mini-itx one (Z97I-Plus).
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