how much does time effect a psu's performance?

hi guys...see i have a 480 watt psu that has been working for almost 4 years...
and now i am going to change my graphic card to a r9 270x...and i wonder whether would it work good enough?...i mean has time effected it so much that it might not work as i expect it to do and i have to buy a new psu too?
thank you very much...
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    R9 270X requires two 6-pin power leads from the PSU. Does yours have those? If not, you should get a new PSU that meets the requirements for the GPU.
  2. i'm not sure..the model of my psu is gp480A green
  3. Depends on how long you leave the PC on and how heavy a load it is under.

    Look up:

    Capacitor Aging

    A good free tool to use for PSU calculation - PERSONAL use, not business:
  4. does it match this one: CLICK LINK

    if that's what you have and it has those connectors (shown on bottom of page) then you might not have enough to connect to the graphics card, and it might be a bit light on 12V power to drive your new graphics card
  5. Green Power PSU's aren't very good , move to a reliable brand around 550w.

    XFX , SEASONIC , Antec.
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