All programs and folders won't open or respond

I turned on my computer (Windows 8.1, Dell XPS i7 64-bit) as normal and after the desktop appeared, for some reason nothing opens now. All the system and Start menus are there and display all their pages. But when I click on anything, like programs and folders, nothing opens. Control Panel shows all its options, but again nothing opens. I can't Restore or open a Boot Disk to repair it. Device Manager, DVD-drive and external drives don't show up at all. In Task Manager Processes, many programs are stopped and won't run when clicked on, like Mcafee. I'm really stumped. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks.
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  1. Hi Danny,

    Wow, what a frustrating problem! I can honestly say that I have never run into that situation but there is an article that may address it. I hope it helps.,24951.html#windows-8.1-freezing-lockup-update-fix%2C24951.html?&_suid=142841077323307409177038417594

    Good luck.
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