Is there any way I can adapt one port of my ADSL modem/router to a wireless port for use with mobile phones, ipads etc.?

adapting adsl modem for wireless networking
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  1. Yes. If you have a spare ethernet port, you can purchase a WiFi AP and plug it in to provide WiFi on your network.
    Something like this:
    You could also use any WiFi router.
  2. Does your modem/router not already have wifi? Many newer models, but not all, do have it. Otherwise practically any wifi router can be set up to serve as an access point.
  3. No Pooneil, it doesn't currently have wifi, but as Calculagator says I can purchase an AP, (or I just get another wifi modem).
    Thanks for the help, I'm familiar with most things "computer", but not the wireless stuff.
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