ASUS GTX660 DCU 2GB OC.Will it work with my computer?

Hello there.

I am buying a new GPU and have chosen the GTX660 from ASUS.My question is will i have any problems with the video card,based on my PC specs?

I have a ASrock H61M-U3S3 MB,Intel Core i3-2125 3.3Ghz,2x4GB Kingston HyperX blu 1333Mhz,450W Fortron PSU.

I read that the video card needs a PCIe 3.0 slot,and on my MB specs it says that it has one,but my CPU doesn't support it?So i will be using the PCIe 2.0?

I plan on upgrading my CPU to an i5 next month,and getting a better PSU and more RAM at the end of this month.

My monitor is a bit old Asus VGA monitor,so i will be using the DVI to VGA adapter.Not FullHD,but i will be happy if i can run games at a resolution better than 1280x720.

Thank you.
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    Yes, you should be fine if your FSP PSU can handle the 140W card.

    PCIe is a backward compatible interface, and the card will never saturate 2.0 anyway. You should be able to game at 1080p with reduced settings.
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