Installing a new hard drive with error code 2000-0142

Hey everyone, I have an alienware mx17 I bought in 2011 that will not boot to windows. I ran a diagnosis and received error code 2000-0142. I have discovered it is a hard drive failure and it sounds like I need a new hard drive. I bought a samsung 840 SSD. Is there a way to install the SSD while also recovering the data from my failed HDD? I have the windows CD and Alienware recovery CD. I am pretty ignorant about computers and I hope this makes sense. Thanks.
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  1. gregbattis said:
    I havent come across this thread before. I will try it. Thanks!
  2. Sure thing. Let us know if it works.
  3. gregbattis said:
    Sure thing. Let us know if it works.

    I am up and running. I am not sure what I did. I followed the guide and booted from my windows CD. I was able to get into the command prompt and ran chkdsk /f/r/x. It ran until about 13% where I think it might of got stuck. So I turned the PC off. I reran the ePSA diagnosis and there was no hard drive error. So I decided to try and reboot the computer and was finally able to get in. Can anybody shed light on what happened? Thanks
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