Realtek USB Wireless Adapter Windows 7 Problems

Hello, I have recently brought a Mini Wireless USB Adapter 300Mbps. For some reason, whenever I try to install it, it seems to install correctly. At first the driver doesn't install, but once I use the downloaded version of the install files and restart my computer, it finally installs correctly. Then, when I try to select the Realtek USB Wireless LAN Utility on the desktop with my internet connected, the following happens. First, it starts up okay, but I notice Realtek RTL8192CU Wireless Lan USB 2.0 Network Adapter connection blinking rapidly while it seems to be connected to the Network. The only options above that show are Refresh and About. The Disable Adapter option is also turned on. However, the second I tap it to turn it on, the utility completely freezes and shows Disable Adapter and Virtual Wifi allowed as options. When I try to click Virtual Wifi allowed, the program closes out. I checked Device Manager, and when I tried to Update Driver Software, it said everything was already updated. No matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall the drivers and no matter how many times I unplug the physical adapter, it just doesn't work. I really need help here...
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    Try uninstalling the Realtek utility, whilst leaving the Realtek driver installed, and simply use the built in Windows WiFi connectivity functionality - In my opinion utilities have become redundant as of Windows Vista, and all they do is add an additional 'unnecessary layer'!
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