PSU Watt recommended for my build

I have stock 3 years old 400 Watt PSU, is it ok for the below

i3 3210@3.2 Ghz
6Gb DDR3
Intel DH61HO

the gtx 750 TI supposed to be low TDP but when I checked online its need 200+ Watt on load status.

what do you think?
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  1. lol no it wont

    here is the PSU tier list link pick anything in tier 1 or 2 if it is cheap and withen your budget buy it u will need around 330watts + for that PC


    if it is a no name PSU with no protection i wouldint it trust it for more than 3 years lol

    i would rather get the cheapest tier 1 or tier 2 PSU u can find
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    The power draw of your system is exceptionally low, you have a processor that will not draw more than 50w, and the GTX 750ti runs directly off the motherboard PCI-E slots, being restricted to a MAXIMUM of 75w.

    Even on a no-name PSU, Your main components are already only at 125w. That is why the 750Ti is great as an upgrade for older/prebuilt PC's. Its power draw is so efficient you are essentially able to simply drop it into a PC without issue.

    ---Your 400w older PSU should not pose any issues with the 750Ti, even if it is a 3 year old OEM PSU.
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