Gigabyte GTX680 4GB SLi - Not working - Win 8.1?


This has been driving me mad for the past few days. I have had a GTX 680 4GB SLi setup for a couple of years now, same motherboard, same configuration.

Everything was working fine for a long while and then I stopped gaming. My bro asked to borrow one of the cards and I lent it to him for 6 months. I got the card back and upon booting back up, the NVIDIA control panel did not show anything for SLi.

I thought it may have been the card and so, I went about swapping them around in the PCI lanes and the other card works perfectly. I believe there's nothing wrong with the cards but the only thing I can't remember fully, was whether I was on Windows 7 when the SLi was working fine (before I gave to my bro for 6 months) or Windows 8. Either way, I'm on Windows 8.1 now and it won't recognise the SLi setup.

I thought it might be the SLi adapter, ordered a new one, no joy.

I have been trawling around the net for a few days but don't want to do anything rash without some advise first.

Is it something to do with Windows 8.1? Do the cards need the BIOS flashing?

BIOS is set back to defaults on the mobo, it is 1 version behind on the latest BIOS.


Sabertooth Z77
i7 3770k
8GB Corsair Vengence 1600mhz
1000w Coolermaster Silent Pro
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  1. I should add, this is a recent fresh install of Win 8.1 and I'm running the latest Nvidia GPU drivers.

    The 2nd card doesn't show up in device manager, whereas, it used to show two. It also doesn't detect the 2nd card in GPU-Z.

    I took a look in the BIOS before resetting to defaults, it was in X1 mode (All 3 lanes enabled) and the only other mode is X4 (Lane 1 enabled, other 2 disabled). Onboard GFX is disabled.
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