windows 8 product key not working after install new motherboard

need help, has anyone had this problem,
I installed new sabertooth 990fx r2.0,
windows 8 came on no problem but not activated!!!
I have been on help line and they say product key doesn't work?,
I bought custom pc online over a year ago with windows 8 installed,
I have disc and legit product key in hand and have reset window on 2 occasions on old motherboard so In my eyes its legit,
any advice would be great, kris
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  1. Do you have a Window 8 or Window 8.1 key?
    Are you activating it on a Window 8 or Window 8.1?
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    normally, when you change the mobo, you have to select to activate online

    windows generates a serial number, then it gives you a number to call an automated MS support phone number

    you type in the serial number over the phone and then it generates a new activation code for you

    that's exactly what happened the last 2 times I changed my mobo on win 8 and 8.1
  3. Thanks for your replies guys but after a great deal of stressing and net searching i got it sorted.
    Blockhead 79 was bang on, just had to go from activate product key page on to contact customer service and went through the whole automated phone activation which was extremely long winded.
  4. yeah, it is very long winded and annoying

    glad it got sorted though :)
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