Directdraw and Direct3d not available, how to install it?

I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate on my old store room pc and can't play any game on it. When I tried halo combat evolved it said directdraw is not enabled.
On The dxdiag screen it says directdraw not available and same for Direct3d and agp texture acceleration. It has directx 11.

Here are the specs (don't laugh, it's grand old pc)
Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit
Intel (r) pentium(r) dual cpu e2140 @ 1.6 ghz dual core
1gb ram
directx version 11

On the display tab it shows n/a for approx. total memory.

Please tell me correct solution for it. I can't find anything on internet.
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  1. You need to install the Windows 7 graphics drivers for that specific PC model from it's manufacturer's website.
    If they don't have any Windows 7 drivers for it, you cannot run Windows 7 on that PC (well you can since you're already running it) but it won't work properly.

    It's GPU probably doesn't even support Direct 11 either if it's an old PC.
  2. can't I downgrade directx 11 to directx 9.0 c coz i've seen it on YouTube
  3. Check for updated chipset and video drivers for the system.
    If that does not work, install an add-on video card in the system, likely the onboard video does not support the games you are trying to play. Which card you can get would depend on the exact computer you have, case size, power supply wattage.

    For that CPU, probably a low end gaming card like a Radeon R7 240, NVidia 640 or 730 (with GDDR5 RAM), would be fine. Anything faster will be held back by the CPU.
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