Overview of my build and Watts/PSU recommendation

So, I'm pretty much done with my build.
The price is a bit lower than this, because I found some nice deals. The only real question is if my PSU is a good choice(I heard they are pretty loud) and what would my recommended wattage be? Let's not worry about future upgrades, unless you guys recommend different parts for my build. I would prefer one that isn't too loud, modular/semi-modular, and less than $90. Also, does Gold make a huge difference?
Any help would be great :)
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    The EVGA 1 series power suplies are junk.
    The one listed above although not modular is very high quality.
    The PC you have listed will draw less than 300 Watts when stressed.
    You can also leave off the artic 5 the stuff that comes with the cooler will work just fine.
  2. I must have missed that part, I thought it was a G2, but I guess those only start at 750w. Thanks for the recommendation, Ill look into it.
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    Banana Frank said:

    Both of those are great choices. The Antec is also made by Seasonic.
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