Dell Latitude E6400 video driver - OpenGL problem

Hey guys!

Today I've installed Windows 8.1 on my laptop, and it worked like a charm, with every driver being auto-installed and no errors at all. After a while I've wanted to install my old favorite game (Counter Strike 1.6), and I've installed it, and when i double click on it, it gave me the error with "Less then 15MB available" or something like this... Ok don't pannic, Google it, and I've find out that by using "compatibility mode" for the app, you can solve this problem, and it worked perfectly, but the other problem is that the only rendering mode available is "Software", at 600x800 resolution, and it lags incredibly (like 10-15FPS).

Why can't I select OpenGL like all my other PC's I had? I've never had this problem with CS so far... :(

Need help!
Thanks you in advance. :)
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  1. I've solved the problem.

    Sollution: Intel support centre, downloaded the "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series" video driver from their website, and used the "have disk" method to update the driver from the device manager. :)

    More accurate collors, no lag at all, OpenGL in all games, GREAT! :D

    Thanks you to everyone for their support and PM messages. :)
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  2. I still have another problem (drivers).

    My laptop has built-in bluetooth and fingerprint scanner. For the fingerprint scanner I have installed the driver, but I don't know any method how can I activate the module... and for the bluetooth, I can search the laptop and discover it with my smartphone, in BIOS is turned on and the LED is blue, but no device appears in device manager or Windows...

    How can I solve them? :(
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  3. I still have problem with the bluetooth and fingerprint reader.

    How can I solve them? :(
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    I'll open a new thread just for the fingerprint sensor, I've solved the bluetooth problem aswell. :)
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  5. My Dell Latitude e6400 runs games very slow, I don't know why all secs are give below:
    Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.56 GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Display Adapter Type: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family
    Total Availiabe Graphic Memory: 775
    Can anybody help me...
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