New PC build with new SSD and windows 8. How can I use my current HDD without windows 7?

This is difficult to explain. Basically i have a computer now with loads of steam games installed. I am building a new PC soon and am planning on having an SSD with windows 8.1 installed and a HDD with all my files etc. on. My question is how can i use my current HDD alongside my new SSD as won't i technically be running 2 operating systems? i'm new to this so sorry if this is stupid or I'm not making any sense. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Install windows to the ssd with no other drive connected except the optical drive.
    Connect your hdd.
    Install your drivers, updates, & apps....
    When you install steam you can point it to the games on the hdd and they will usually work fine. Origin games mostly work using this method too.
    Other programs would need to be reinstalled typically.

    You can delete the corresponding folders you dont need from the hdd but if you have plenty of room you can keep them there and boot into win7 just by pressing the F-key option during POST that corresponds to 'Select Boot Device' and choosing the HDD.
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