buying a new processor and mother board, need advice!

Hello all!

Looking at getting myself a new processor and motherboard to update my computer a bit, currently running a gigabyte LMT-usb3.0 and a AMD Fx-4100 which i think at the moment is the bottleneck for my rig.

I was looking at the I5 3570k processor but have seen the I5 4690K which (according to some websites) is a better CPU and its also cheaper. Can someone confirm why this is? This is what i have read is the better "value" processors to go for, it is literally a gaming rig and nothing else so i do not need the best of the best. And would anyone recommend a specific motherboard to go with one of these processors? and also what sort of cooler should i go for? Ideally i dont want to spend loads of money on cooling so probably just a fan cooler, not water or anything. Ideas and options will be really appreciated.

I know the knowledge of people on this forum is amazing so i will add that i have recently changed my graphics card to a GTX-760, my PSU to a 750w Supernova bronze and once this mobo and CPU is done i will be changing my Ram which is just cheap shit 1333mhz 16gb. Not sure if any more info is needed but please ask if it is.

Many thanks!!
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    The i5-3570 is a 3rd-generation (Ivy Bridge) chip, released back in 2012. The i5-4690K is a 4th-generation (Haswell) chip, released in 2014. Intel hasn't made Ivy Bridge CPUs for some time, so as the available stock dwindles the prices will stay high. Hence why the 4690K is currently cheaper.

    As for "best of the best", the claim would be made that an i7 will take that title. However, as you pointed out, you're using this primarily for gaming, not video rendering or streaming. So, that i5-4690K will be more than sufficient for you.

    As for coolers, unless you're going to OC it, the stock cooler will be fine. The type of board you get will depend on whether you plan on OC'ing in the future or not, mainly because certain chipsets don't allow you to OC.

    Don't worry about your RAM. DDR3-1333 may not be the fastest, but the speed boost going to 1600 or even 1866 isn't truly significant, especially when you're talking about 16GB (most games & systems will only need 8GB anyway). As long as you're able to take advantage of dual-channel rate, you'll be fine.
  2. Ye RAM is at the bottom of my to do list so im not overly fussed about that. I haven't overclocked anything up till now, but the reason i have got to where i am in my decision making is because my CPU feels slow on my system with the newer graphics card and i got a SSD with it too and i looked at overclocking my AMD FX-4100 and everyone warned me against overclocking on my board and the fact that this processor isnt great for overclocking.

    So.... I would like to overclock but it probably wouldn't be initially but if i am going to do it i will get a better fan off the bat. Really im looking at getting the I5-4690K and a mobo and fan. Is there any recommendations? I can google and check reviews or stuff easy enough but i trust the knowledge of everyone here so if there are any ideas i would be grateful for the time :)

    Many thanks
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    For gaming the i5 4690k is all you need, the i7 are overkill for gaming rigs. For motherboards you should probably get a z97 chipset from Asus, Asrock, MSI or Gigabyte, those are the 4 most reliable Motherboard makers IMO. And honestly 16 GB of memory at 1333 is more than enough, you won't see much difference getting faster RAM.
  4. If their Z97 boards are anything quality-wise like their 990FXA boards, I would definitely recommend Gigabyte.
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