Wake on LAN with Ethenet and WIFI both enabled - strange Behaviour

Hi all.
I notice a strange behaviour when setting up my WOL to activate from my on board Ethernet socket.

If i disable all other wireless communications, (WiFi, Bluetooth e.t.c.) then my wake up procedure works as expected, but if i enable either Bluetooth or WiFi (in windows), then the tick box that allows the Ethernet card to receive a wake up packet is un-ticked automatically, and hence the pc no longer awakes.

Is anyone aware of a registry fix or other such mod that would allow me to have other network devices enabled (such as Bluetooth) without windows automatically turning off the Ethernet wake on LAN option?

Thanks for your time..

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  1. Wake on Lan is generally a BIOS option. When the machine is in a down state how does it even know what OS it is running if it is not booted.

    This is not to say microsoft has not created their own version hibernation and just called it wake on lan.

    I would be looking in the bios settings for this. It could be a motherboard driver that is doing this rather than windows I suppose.
  2. I agree with your comments about the bios and the fact it should not matter.
    I have several options to wake the machine in the bios, Ethernet only or both Ethernet and WIFI being a couple..

    I have selected Ethernet only at this stage.

    Strange thing however is that if the Ethernet WOL tick box is not ticked in windows then my machine will flatly refuse to wake.

    As soon as i enable any other network device, windows will disable the WOL feature on the Ethernet (not just mine but it appears that everyone's is doing the same).
    Even if you enable the WOL feature in the Ethernet and apply settings, then close the windows and then immediately go back again - it's already been disabled again.. (If you have another network device enabled)

    My Bios seems to be fine as it does allow WOL to work, but only if the Windows Ethernet WOL tick box is enabled to start with.

    I'm happy to have my theory disproved however as long as i can get my WOL to work without having to turn off every other network device first.

    Just feels like i'm going round in circles!
  3. They have abuse the concept of WoL so badly I can't be sure what works.

    Very technically a WoL packet is send to the broadcast MAC address and the packet contains the mac of the machine repeated multiple times in a special pattern.

    What you see a lot of people doing...and the machines many times accept it.. is sending packets that contain ip headers to the actual mac of the PC and I suspect it contains this magic repeated data inside someplace but the IP headers are in the packet also.

    There is no IP address on the machine when it is down and the mac should time out of the switch tables so it is strange this even works.

    I don't think there is a actual WoL standard for wireless. This requires a lot more hardware to be active since you are having to keep encryption keys valid and the session active with the router.

    I really hate that when microsoft invents their own versions of things...and then makes it work different in every release. I strongly suspect your problems are a microsoft issue.
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