Corsair PSU very loud fan noise (buzzing)

I finished a new build one week ago with a Corsair CS550m PSU and a H80i as CPU cooler.

From the beginning on, every once in a while (once or twice daily) I was getting this really loud buzzing, rattling noise, which disappeared after shutting down and restarting the PC, or sometimes spontaneously after 15-20minutes.

After researching on the internet for a while I found that the Corsair AIO water coolers have this common problem with the fans and/or the pump. I could always hear my pump buzzing away, which was kind of annoying and this loud sound every once in a while I attributed also to the pump.

After changing the H80i to a Noctua D9L (best decision every, inaudible!) that same loud buzzing started and I realized that it was not the pump, but it is coming from the PSU.

Again after searching on the web this seems to be a common problem with Corsair PSUs, some say it is a problem of the Fan bearing.

After trial and error I found out that if I hear the noise, and I turn my case upside down, the noise goes away, which supports the theory of a fan problem.

So I will RMA both the h80i and the PSU.

Now, this is my system right now:

I don't have a GPU yet. I will wait and probably get a good deal on a used one maybe.
Either a single 970, because my motherboard only supports CF and no SLI

Or a single r9 290x or something similar, and MAYBE in the future if one 290 gets too weak for actual games, get a second used one then and put them in CF. But I would need a very strong PSU for that.

I could get a EVGA Supernova 750 B2 ( for a good price where I live. It should be just enough for 2 290x in CF, I suppose.

Should I get the EVGA or go for something better with lower wattage and basically get bound to using a single 970?

I need a good PSU recommendation for less than 100 Euro

Thanks for reading all of this...
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  1. I'd go with that Supernova B2, specially if you can get it at a nice price.
  2. The 750w b2 is a good unit but it's not going to run 2 290x or 290s in crossfire. You'd want atleast 850w for that.
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