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Well guess it is about that time to upgrade, the graphics card I have now has unlocked Shaders, Have not upgraded or kept up with the GPU products, I always go with AMD/sapphire all i ever had. I have just bought GTA V I can run it on ultra but every now an then ill have this tiny bit of lag so wondering what is a good GPU to get now these days looking to spend a max of 300. Thanks.
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    That lag doesn't always mean it's a gpu problem, it could be a small cpu problem on the optimization side of things and your cpu could be dropping its clock causing a small stutter every so often.
  2. 290X/290?
  3. Go with the Sapphire R9 280x TOXIC It should be able to play any game on high to ultra settings at 1080p with good frame rates. I used to have a 6950 unlocked to 6970 and it is a very underpowered card these days.
  4. Not saying 280X is bad but the card was really old. If you have the money get at least 290 or 290X. 280X don't even have support for a few AMD specific new feature.
  5. Hmm, I could go with the 290x For sapphire brand it isnt that much, Unless there is another brand better than the sapphire? and My cpu still working with an 15 2500k i used to have it OC until one my fans just stopped working then over heating issues lol..never got around to get a new one
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