Asus Blu-Ray ROM not playing blu-ray?

I got an Asus bluray optical drive and its not playing any blurays. No autoplay comes up even though the pc sees the disc. WMP wont play it, VLC wont play it either. Ive tried downloading a couple softwares but they either require a registration or theyre too laggy. Any advice?
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  2. Unless you purchased a retail version of the drive (software included), you will need to purchase third party software to play Blu-Ray discs. Look to CyberLink PowerDVD or ArcSoft Total Media are two of the most popular.

    -Wolf sends
  3. thanks guys but im just going to return it. I read on asus' website that its just a writer and not a reader. the guy at canadacomputers gave me this after i said i was looking for a bluray reader, but now i realize that he doesnt know squat all about computers. thanks again guys!

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  4. All writers can read. If you can provide the model number (or ASUS link), I'll verify that for you.

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  5. If it can write to Blu Ray it can Read from Blu Ray (else how can it verify what it writes??)
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