How to re-install Windows 8 on a different HDD on new Laptop?

Hi :)

I just bought a ASUS Q551LN (15" convertible Windows 8.1) laptop.

It has a 1 TB HDD, I bought a faster 256 GB SSD hard drive and want to run Windows on the new SSD only (and remove the 1 TB).

The laptop came with Windows activated - no DVD/USB or even a Windows serial number anywhere. How do I go about reinstalling Windows 8.1 so that I still get my included key activated?

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    Hopefully there is an option to make a windows 8 bootable recovery DVD set or USB . Read the user guide for details

    The asus windows 8.1 will be pre activated on asus motherboards in that model range so no key needed . But Microsoft sticker is probably hidden in battery compartment as they are obliged by Microsoft to apply one to each PC

    You make your recovery disk
    Backup Any data that is critical or put existing hard drive in a USB 2 or 3 tray
    Or see if there is a Santa hard disk tray that can replace the DVD drive
    Do you have a DVD drive?

    Fit the ssd
    Boot off the USB windows recovery disk and do the re installation
    Connect to the Internet and spend a day doing windows or Microsoft updates

    Mike Barnes
  2. The key is embedded into the bios. You will need to create the recovery media, then you can install the SSD and install the OS.
  3. you can copy the installation to the new HDD, without re-installing

    And I think you can also find the key that you are using wring now: , or google it to find other possible alternatives
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