upgrading motherboard on OEM pc running windows 8.1

I was bought a pre-built pc as a gift, but issues with the case and power supply being unable to support my 560ti graphics card have meant that I need to do an entire system upgrade. Will changing the motherboard cause issues when moving the hard drive, which has an OEM copy of windows 8.1 installed on it, over to the new hard drive? Thanks in advance.
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    The pre installed oem versions of windows 8 and 8.1 are tied to the motherboard. If you replace it then you need to buy a new windows key.
  2. Some times but not always if you get a hold of microsoft and tell them what you are doing and won.t be using the old mb they will help you out.
    The did this for me when I had a mb die on me and had to replace it.
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