Will using multiple wallpapers use more computer resources?

Say I select 30 wallpapers and have it so that my computer rotates to a different one every 10 minutes. Will this use up more of my computers resources/make my cpu or anything work harder in a meaningful way? I don't want this to affect my in game performance or make my cpu/any components work harder than they have to.
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    it does lead to more memory usage but that's about all. no reason to worry about it if you're using a pc with components that are not very outdated.
  2. Yeah, I agree with laviniuc. If your system is running modern parts it will use little to no resources, the use will also be very short term. It will only use resources when the wallpaper is mid change.
  3. I see, thanks guys! I like "collecting" cool wallpapers and can't ever decide which to use. Putting them on rotation solves that for me.
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