Need to install my HDD and the case manual says next to nothing about how.

Hi. First time PC builder. I'm installing my HDD into the case, but I'm just scratching up the sides of it and not getting anywhere. The case manual says:
1. Turn the lock device counterclockwise to unlock and remove the lock device (I did that.)
2. Place the HDD into the drive bay
3. Put the lock device back in and secure the HDD.

Step 2 is where I get stuck. Everyone on youtube has a case where you install it sideways, but mine installs 180 degrees the other way. They just slide it right it, but mine gets caught on little latches and whatnot. I'm only damaging the sides of the HDD so I should be fine. Help?
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  1. Hi,
    It would be great if you can put a few photos showing exactly what it is you are trying .
  2. You didn't buy a Yank HD for a Brit Case did you? :D Yup photos would be helpful.
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