What kind of FPS/performance can i expect with this rig?

Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (8x2) 2400MHz DDR3 times 2 = 32GB
Samsung EVO 500GB SSD
WD Black 2 TB Hard drive
intel i7-4790K CPU
Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO-CPU
MSI ATX DDR3 2600 LGA 1150 Motherboard 797 Gaming 7
EVGA SuperNOVA 850w G2 PSU
Nvidia GeForce Titan X GPU
Cooler Master CM Storm Octane keyboard/mouse
Antect 900 case
40 inch phillips 4k monitor

What can i expect in more demanding games? Will I be able to run things on max settings and have good frame rates?
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  1. Enough performance for everything.
  2. Best answer,4091-3.html
    (This article has titan x benchmark numbers)
    As you can see from that article, the r9 295x2 outperforms it by a bit. It's also almost 400$ cheaper.

    Nvidia overcharges for the Titan X, it's a 400$ premium because it says Titan on it.
  3. Not that it's a problem if you don't care, but you are spending a lot for premium high end parts that will not net much or any fps. Things like 2400mhz ram don't help gaming fps.
    Also that motherboard is extremely expensive.
    If money isn't an option then it's fine, but you could save a lot of money going with ddr3 1600mhz,a more reasonable motherboard, and a Radeon r9 295x2.
  4. do you think ill be running into heat problems? Will this cooler do, or will i need something more? I know the titan is overpriced. I guess what happened was i researched and researched myself to death. I got exhausted and Just tried to buy things i figure would hold up for the long haul, and be simple.. plug and play.. not having to worry about dual cards just yet. I dont know if i plan to overclock. I guess I most likely could a little and be safe. Im not very experienced at it, but my last setup had like a simplified menu to do it. I assume this would have something similiar. So are the odds that i can play games in 4k at max settings and get somewhere around 60fps? As for specific games, I do not know. Hypothetically, lets say the most taxing games out there. And also, other than the CPU cooler, is there anything else that will bottleneck any other parts? Im thinking I should be good to go. kind of a last check. (even though its too late. I have most parts here. Just waiting on the monitor and the GPU). Thanks for all the help
  5. i just read through those benchmarks on that link. I guess i see where Ill be. yeah, i had lesser thigns picked out, but then didnt click "buy" until after some heavy drinking, at which point, i thought i deserved better :) I was going to go witht he i5 processor, along with a few lesser parts. but hey, this thing should hold up for a while i hope! You can tell i was drinking.. 32GB of ram.. sounds a little overkill to sober me. I did that due to reading about the ridiculous needs to runt he titan optimally. lol
  6. If it's too late to change, look for fun ways to actually make sure of what you have.

    Try out a Ramdisk.
  7. Never even heard of that until now.. sounds pretty cool.. and i definitely have the RAM for it.. thanks for the heads up. Something Ill look into more.
  8. jas340 said:
    Nick, The 212 EVO is a very good cooler. Should work very well. It just doesn't have "snob appeal". 2400Mhz RAM was a good choice. The price is the new sweet spot for DDR3

    Okay cool. Good to hear
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