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The title basically describes my issue. When I'm using the computer or not, internet explorer will open itself and load to its set homepage and it will continuously do this u till the screen is filled with open windows just on the home page. It also will randomly just reload the webpage you are currently in. I have tried to use other browsers to get help on this but the computer randomly closes the browsers after a few minutes so I can't use chrome or Firefox. I have tried to scan using malwarebytes but it also closes that after a few minutes. Core computer programs seems to stay open though.

Now here's where it gets tricky, since thing was going right I decided to try safemode so I can actually get stuff done. Booted into safemode with no networking, scanned successfully with malwarebytes and found and removed some malware. And Internet explorer didn't open itself not once. This would clearly indicate that it's a software issue and a repeated scan with Marwarebytes shows nothing. I will try booting to safemode with networking and reply here.

I've tried researching but I'm not finding much on the issue, solutions are very varied and talks of using all kinds of other programs. If anyone has experienced this and have a definite fix it would be much appreciated.

If it falls back to having to reload the OS yet again (forgot to mention it is a fresh OS installation, barely been used. Nothing yet Installed other than chrome, Firefox, libreoffice, malwarebytes, flash and Java) then so be it however I've had this issue again before on fresh windows 7 systems. Nothing yet installed yet explorer opens itself repeatedly. However unlike windows 7 I'm unable to uninstall IE11 on Win8. I believe something is entering the systems from our domain network, however it doesn't seem antiviruses can detect it. I dunno but yeah that's all I got.

Computer specs:
Windows 8.1 enterprise 64 bit
Internet explorer 11

Not sure what else is needed for specs but if anything just ask.
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    Turn on windows firewall if it's not already and then try all of the following, with the internet connection unplugged. Sounds like you're not getting rid of the infection entirely. I'd do a CLEAN install, including deleting the boot partitions which may in fact be where the infection is hiding out and then reinfecting the system as soon as you install.

    It may be something Malwarebytes can't detect, like an actual virus or a rootkit.

    Windows 8 CLEAN install (Recommend doing this first, WITH internet disconnected):
  2. Very helpful tips, much appreciated. I will try to see if they work but in essence, when the system is set up they require windows firewall be turned off for reasons I do not know.

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
  3. Then I'd try starting with a clean install. It may be that the infection won't allow the firewall to be on.
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