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i have a question, i have a netgear router and i want to block a few sites on a laptop. i have more than one pc in the house but i want that laptop to be the only one that has some sites blocked and inaccessible. how would i go about doing that
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    The router must have the ability to block things in the first place or it does not matter. Look in the manual for a chapter on parental control or maybe firewall settings. You just match the mac/ip address of the machine you want to limit and put in the sites you want to block. It varies greatly from router to router so you need to see what the manual says. Not all routers, especially inexpensive ones have this feature.
  2. You can do IP/MAC binding for this laptop, then set domain filtering on router if supports.

    For UTT router, go to "firewall ->domain filtering" to set the locked website.
    Here is Web GUI Demo as reference.
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