How to Change Application Settings for Locked "Power Saving" in Catalyst Control Center Switchable Graphics

I have a switchable GPU AMD Radeon R7 M 265X (R5 integrated APU).

I'm able to play games fine, because the Switchable Graphics Settings in Catalyst Control Center (CCC) are not locked for the games I want to play, so i can select "Maximum performance" (aka: it uses the GPU not just the shitty APU).

However, for ALL video players (VLC, MPC, WMP, etc) the settings are LOCKED to "Power Saving" and I can't change them to Maximum Performance:

I have 1080p videos that play choppy, and I think it's because i'm forced into only using the R5 APU and not the main GPU, and the damn switchable graphics thing is not letting me alter settings.

Is there a way around this? Is there some video player out there which is NOT on their stupid list of applications that lock the setting to Low ?
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  1. Their should be a setting in your BIOS to always use the GPU.
  2. Zerk2012 said:
    Their should be a setting in your BIOS to always use the GPU.

    Unfortunately when I boot into BIOS there is nothing about settings for GPU :(
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