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My Dell inspiron mini 10" netbook has windows xp and is running very slow would doing a windows 7 upgrade help
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    Probbaly not. If anything, Win7 has a bit more overhead than XP. Try a couple things to help with the speed:
    Make sure your system doesn't have a virus or malware slowing things down. Update your virus pgm. and run a full scan. Then run Malwarebytes:
    If your machine is full of bloatware from the factory that you don't use, uninstall the stuff.
    Check your tray for stuff you can disable.
    Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both.
  2. Also, if installed RAM is less than 3GB, increase it to 3GB (or 4GB, although 32-bit Windows won't be able to use the full 4GB it won't do any harm).
  3. i think best option is installing avg pc tuneup best to fasten ur pc. i don't think upgrading ur pc will make it fasten ur pc. u will feel as ur pc is fast after upgrading, but after few days again it will come to ur similar issue. first defragment ur pc. i hope this may help u
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