How to unlock Voltage Control for my 5850HD Radeon?

Some info on Card:
Radeon 5850 HD
Release date: Sep 23. 2009
GPU : Cypress
Device id : 1002-6889
Subvendor : Sapphire/PCpartner (174B)

Motherboard and cpu + psu:
mobo : H57H-AM2 (v2.0), Acer M5910, Version P01-A3 , SMBIOS version 2.6
CPU: i5 650
PSU is stock: FSP450-60EP 500W, high 450w and peak 500w

I downloaded latest Msi Afterburner and ccc and it only did show overclocking to 775 core / 1125 memory. I enabled unofficial overclocking + voltage control, after restart i could oc off limits, but voltage sliders still locked, cant move those. Could oc in CCC after that also.
I got to 809 / 1200 without freezing on 3d mark, probably could still up the memory but core is unstable after 815.
Looked for threads to unlock voltages and tried modify afterburner cfg multiple times but no luck there voltages are still locked.
After that i downloaded trixx sapphire and it had unlocked voltage / oc right from the start ( up until 1400 memory / 1100 core.
Problem is that slider is already at maximum stock voltage 1.088 and cant move it any further only can decrease it. I also tried few older trixx versions with no luck.
Any ideas how to unlock voltage control fully?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. UPDATE: Found older trixx version that works with this 5850, GPU voltage is unlocked from 1.088 - 1.300
    Download from this thread if someone has same problem :

    One bad thing is i get monitor flicker right after changing clocks or gpu voltage, It happens even after i restart computer if trixx or afterburner is on, i only get rid of it by changing resolution lower and then back to native, same thing happend with msi afterburner but it had option ( someting like reset monitor after chancing clocks?) and it didnt flick after i used that.
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