Found how to use old pc hdd on new pc but I'm getting errors, please help.

Ok, I got fed up with my old old pc so I built myself a new one. Well I wanted to use my old hdd with win7 and found how to unlock the serial number so I can use it on the new pc but what happens is the windows loading screen freezes then for a split second goes blue screen then restarts.... any answers? I dont want to have to lose my stuff on the drive and my other drives were formatted to fat32... am I going to have to reformat? My last option is to put the old pc back together and format one of my old drives to ntsc but I'd like to not have to.
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    your option here is to reinstall windows on your new computer.between the driver conflicts etc simply swapping the hdd to the new machine rarely works.if your windows is an oem version you will have to contact microsoft and see if they will allow you to reactivate.ive never had a problem here.if it is a retail version simply use your licence key to activate.
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