what power supply do i need for a MSI R7 260X 2GD5 OC

hey i want to buy a MSI R7 260X 2GD5 OC and I want to know if my power supply is good enough for it. my specs:

core 2 quad Q9300
6 gb DDR3 1333Mhz
biostar G41D3C motherboard
GT-450 ATX-2.2 (450W)
2tb+500gb sata hard drives

so do you think that this will be enough power for this GPU ? Im on a tight budget so I can't really afford a new psu
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  1. Can you read the sticker on the side and tell us how many amps it has for the 12v rail?
  2. on the +12V rail it says 15A
  3. adam ryder said:
    on the +12V rail it says 15A

    15 amps?!?! Are you sure there's not a second 12v rail? (it would say 12v1 and 12v2)

    If that's the case and you only have 15a available to the 12v rail then no, you cannot support that card. That means you have only 180w available for your CPU and GPU, since your CPU will pull roughly 100w at peak load, and the 260x will pull over 100w itself, do the math. A GTX 750 Ti only pulls about 75w, so it maybe....maybe....will be stable on a 15a system. But I wouldn't risk it.
  4. my PSU says:

    +12V. +5V. +3.3V. -12V. -5Vsb
    15A. 30A. 20A. 0.8A. 2A
  5. Well then, I definitely wouldn't put a 260X on there.
  6. do you think that a GTX 750 would work?
  7. A 750 Ti would still be a risk, although it is technically feasible. You'd be near the maximum output of the 12v rail at max load. And that's if they didn't overestimate the 15A output.

    I wouldn't do it.
  8. Best answer

    Your PSU is old and it could provide, when new, only 180W from the +12V rail, which is the most important rail nowadays.

    Change the PSU with a good 400-500W PSU (+12V/25Amps) and you'll be OK.
  9. oh wait. I do have another power supply. its 500W and it says:

    12V1. 12V2

    15A. 16A

    180W. 192W

    do you think this will support the gpu
  10. Based upon that information, yes. But unfortunately there are a lot of low-end PSU's out there that can damage your expensive CPU/GPU. The quality of the capacitors makes a big difference, so the brand matters.
  11. the brand is called : YAMA
  12. is yama a good brand?
  13. is yama a good brand?
  14. I can't find enough information to make an informed decision about the unit. Sorry.
  15. adam ryder said:
    the brand is called : YAMA

    Based on its power rating, the PSU should be OK, but as timeconsumer said, there is little information about this PSU brand, YAMA (or Jetron). If it's new, you can use it for some time, but if it have been used before and you don't know in which conditions, better stay out of it. Maybe it's some local brand using decent electronics; post a picture with its label or provide a link.

    the pictures are in detailed description
  17. Frankly, I would stay away from that PSU; I mean, two cooling fans for 500W?! Last PSU I saw employing 2 fans was a 600W Gembird, and that was over a decade ago. They seem to have an official site, but your PSU is not listed (there is a 550W though:, and could be a cheap knockoff of one of these PSUs:

    On the same auction site you mentioned it, there is a way better Corsair VS450 and have a good price (45USD); or, for a tight budget, a Thermaltake LitePower 450W would work. Please provide a link with a specialized PC shop from your country, maybe we can find a better deal.
  18. the PSU is old so I think they removed it from their website
  19. adam ryder said:
    the PSU is old so I think they removed it from their website

    Well, the prices there are much higher, you don't have lots of choices and many PSUs are of a poor quality. I would go at least for a FSP 600W 80+ Silver or Cougar CMX700, but at their prices (938 and 1503 ZAR respectively) the Corsair VS450 from the auction site became suddenly a much better choice, at 593 ZAR.
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