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Hello everyone!
I recently upgraded my computer which went great, except for one thing. My motherboard and cpu don't have integrated graphics. So, I was thinking of plugging my second monitor into my graphics card. I have a Sapphire HD 5770, it has 1 DVI port, 1 HDMI port and 1 DP port. Now, what I was thinking was, could I have 2 monitors plugged into the graphics card and use one for gaming? This is the link to the card:
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  1. Yes you can use two monitors on that card if you can plug it into the display outputs.
  2. yes sir, you can hook up 2 monitors to 1 card, one will have to be DVI the other can be HDMI or DP. Then you can open a game on whatever screen and use the second monitor for music/temp monitoring/walkthroughs/ect, that card says it has 2 DVI and your modem says it has 2 DVI, so maybe you have the model of your card wrong? but yes you can still use 2 displays.
  3. The Radeon 5770 supports 3 monitors so you should be fine. If you need 2 DVI ports you can use an HDMI to DVI converter, they're very cheap.

    Sapphire generally makes multiple models of card with the same GPU so that's probably just the wrong model.
  4. Hey everyone! Thanks for your answers! But I updated the link! Check it out please! Thanks in advance!
  5. If I understand you correctly, you want to use 2 monitors on your GPU and game on just one screen?

    If I'm correct, all you need to do is plug both monitors into the GPU and it'll only load the game on your main screen anyway.
  6. Yes, that is what I am asking, but I want to know if it is stable :)
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    It should be perfectly fine :) even with my old GTX260 or 265 i was stable running 2 screens :) its a nice thing to have.
  8. Alright! Thanks alot!
  9. You can plug 1 monitor in the HDMI or Display port. If both monitors are DVI, you can use a HDMI-to-DVI converter usually supplied with the graphics card or you can buy it separately (can be expensive).
  10. mateo226 said:
    Alright! Thanks alot!

    You are most welcome. Take care.
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