Attention MSI A88XM GAMING/Window's 8 user's! Is it worth it to use an SSD as a boot drive?

I ask because I bought the above MOBO for my first build however after checking again the MSI product page for it I found this right at the top: "Fast Boot: Quickly Boot Up & Enter OS in A Few Seconds" however the page doesn't go into detail.

Now here's the thing I was planing to install Windows 10 to a SSD after it came out (allegedly) in July and use an HDD for everything else, the bios as it is is optimized for Windows 8 and possibly 10 as well when it drops, so my question is this: Is this setup worth it? Is the Fast Boot feature only for Windows 8? Will I get the same boot speed ether way? Will the SSD provide additional benefits that the Fast Boot feature alone won't, such as faster overall performance rather then just a faster boot (and maybe more)?
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  1. An SSD provides a few benefits:
    Speed (of course)
    Noise reduction
    Battery life if on a laptop.
    The far too often mentioned boot time reduction

    A lot depends on what you use it for. If this is only a games machine, maybe that money is better put elsewhere.
    Me personally, I would not build another main use PC without one.
  2. And actually, I think you're talking about 2 different things.

    Their advertised "Fast boot!!"
    Which is a BIOS bypasses a lot of the initial BIOS checking function and splash screen

    and an SSD. Which is fast on its own.
  3. It's both a gaming and general use PC.
  4. Christian Gilbert said:
    It's both a gaming and general use PC.

    Then get an SSD. Whatever size fits your budget, no smaller than 120GB
    OS and standard applications on it.
  5. 120GB huh? I take it that you can't just put the apps on the HDD then?

    Edit: also for some reason it seems like parts of your posts are getting cut out.
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    Christian Gilbert said:
    120GB huh? I take it that you can't just put the apps on the HDD then?

    I have a 120GB SSD as the C drive. OS and ALL applications apart from games. Currently ~85GB used space.
    Win 8.1 Pro, MS Office 2013 Pro, Corel VideoStudio, Adobe Lightroom, Paintshpoi Pro...a whole bunch of other things.
    Applications don't really take up that much space.

    Games, video, music....that is what takes up space.
    My 30GB music lib, 1.2TB video/movie lib, couple hundred GB of games....obviously would not fit on that drive, and they live elsewhere.

    And most of that other stuff, you don't need or want to use up expensive SSD space for. A movie is not going to play any faster if it lives on the SSD. You playlist does not switch tracks any faster. In fact, my music library lives on a whole other PC, on an external HDD connected via USB. The software (Songbird) lives on my SSD. Never notice the difference.
  7. But at todays prices, 250GB is the sweet spot for price v size.
  8. Awesome thanks!
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