Need help with A2 error on my motherboard.

First thing you should know is, I'm a total newbie at PC gaming. This cannot be understated.
My PC had been running great. Has the Asus Maximus 6 mother board, and gtx 980.
Decided to move my PC for a better set up. Unplugged everything, moved and reconnected. Before I re-connected I open the case and removed one fan on the CPU cooler to clean dust. Re-connected and put all the leads back together.
Now I have no signal to my TV? It's HDMI. Tried both inputs but nothing.
I noticed on the mother board the little digital display has A2 on it. I don't think this was on their before?
Please help. And easy with the tech talk please, I need simple steps! Haha
Witcher is out in 2hrs and I want to play so bad!! Haha
I would very much appreciate help.
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  1. Now it's saying 'A0' on the board?
  2. Well it's solved. Talk about super embarrassing!! Haha.
    Had the HDMI plugged into the mother board and not the graphics card!! Haha
    Said I was a 'newbie' at this!!
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