BSOD mystery. ntoskrnl.exe?

About a month ago, I started getting regular BSODs. It seems like I tried every quick-fix that I know. I ran Microsoft security essentials and Malwarebytes. I ran windows update. Manually updated most of my drivers. Removed the video card. Finally, I replaced the RAM.

At this point, I tried looking at the dump files and quickly realized that I am past my abilities. I have attached the dmp files and I am wondering if someone could give me insight on what they mean.
Currently, I suspect my problem could be one of the following.
*bad driver that I failed to update
*virus that I didn't find
*hardware malfunction

One last thing, every time my computer has BSOD, I have been running google chrome. This could be a red-herring because I almost always have something open in chrome.
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    My symptoms indicated that the harddrive was failing. After running the seagate tool,, it shows that my hard drive WAS failing.
  2. Backup all of your data, and replace the hard drive just in case
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