How to access a VirtualBox VM guest through the internet remotely

Hi, I just signed up for DynDNS through No-IP and now I can access my PC remotely anywhere through RDS built on the OS.

What I want to find out now is if I can access a VM running on my local machine ONLY.
My VM is connected to my host computer on a local network through Bridge Adapter on VirtualBox Setting.
Both guest and host are Windows 7 machines.
Any port forwaring option on Virtual Box I have to set up?

Any help?

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  1. If it's setup as a bridged and has it's own internal IP address all you should have to do is turn off RDP on your main computer (As you can't really have 2 things listening onthe same port). You could always try and change the port around on the VM and see if that does the trick
  2. Thanks for the answer, Ill try disabling RDP on the host machine and see if it takes me to the VM directly.
    How do I change the port around on the VM for RDP and how would I access through RDP on a different port?
  3. In Bridged mode, your VM will have distinct IP address, different from that on your host. There is no need to disable RDP there.
  4. Yes but I want to access the VM through the internet, not inside the local network, so my public address it's the same for both machines.
  5. Set it in the same way as you did for your host PC - set portforwarding on your router (choose non-standard external port number, forwarded to your VM' IP address), or put the VM into the DMZ
  6. Ok, the port 3889 is already forwarded for the local IP address on my host machine, so everytime I do RDP I can see the host machine; so you're saying I should add the local IP of the VM into the router table. Should I remove the one from the host machine? Is there any way I can leave both and how would I choose between the two when putting my domain name into RDP?

    Thanks for your answer!
  7. Set up two port-forwarding rules:
    Rule 1 for port 3889 goes to the IP address of the Host, port 3889
    Rule 2 for port (eg) 3890 goes to the IP address of the VM, port 3889

    When you set up your RDP client, you change port numbers depending on which computer you need access to. You might have to edit the .rdp file with NotePad, I am not sure whether you can specify port number using GUI.
  8. Ok I'm gonna try this later, and how do you specify the port when trying to access remotely? can you give me an example?
  9. I can check that tomorrow, right now I don't have access to a Windows PC.
  10. Thank you I will wait for your response!
  11. Just add the port number after the IP address
  12. So this is what happens when trying to open the ports that way on my router:

    So in this image you can see is local IP address for the VM and it has it service port 3389 an internal port (3389 by default but this is editable), so I have access to the VM remotely no problems, cause the RDP port for it is open.

    But when I try to open the port for the local PC...
    So I put the regular service port for my local machine (the same one I did for my VM), and its local IP address

    This is the error message I get, do you have any ideas on how to get this sorted? :(
  13. You already have a port forwarder which listens on "Service port" 3389 (that is your external IP address) forwarding it to your host RDP.

    Set up another Port Forwarding for different "Service port" (eg 4489) pointing to, port 3389. Then, from outside, setup RDP client as in my previous message, with custom 4489 port.
  14. So like this should take care of it right?

    So in RDP I would put
    And to access the VM I would use

    Is this correct?
  15. This should work.

    Just out of curiosity - you a forwarding HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP and VPN traffic all to different IP addresses - do you have that many "servers" in your network? Make sure all these servers are properly protected - it would take no time for the "bad" guys to discover them and start playing games.
  16. The only "real machine" there is, all the others are just VMs (some of them clients, other servers) for testing purposes.
    Im just basically emulating a AD DS environment with several virtual servers and hosts to test the different services and features.
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