How can i find out how much watts is my computer using with my UPS?

So i don't have a kill a watt meter but i do have a UPS this one exactly : http://

i installed all the proper drivers and this software called PowerAlert , seems it automatically added my device but still cannot find how much watts my pc is using (it is just using a 600w PSU , and it seems it handles well de 500w UPS while doing a test) but i still wish to know how much im actually using...

any other software that tells me this? the ups display doesnt neither the poweralert program from tripplite :( (or am i missing where it is shown?)
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  1. It is probably a moot point so long as you are running ok.
    A psu will only use the wattage it needs, regardless of the max capability.
    It is not wrong to overprovision a bit.
    Most of the pc power demand comes from the graphics cards.
    This chart does an reasonable job of figuring out what you need.

    If you want, disconnect the ups power from the wall and see how long it can keep your pc running at the load you want.
  2. I can see the power draw from my CyberPower UPS in AIDA64 Extreme.
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