ide adapter to use with sata/usb adapter


I have a sata to usb adapter, specifically this one.

I already have two ide to usb adapters, but both are consistently finicky which is both frustrating and annoying.

What I'm wondering now is if there's a way to use an ide drive, like this one, with the sata to usb adapter.

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    The easier thing to usually do with IDE drives is to actually get a PCI or PCIe card which has IDE interfaces, instead of using them with what amounts to temporary external interfaces.

    What you could be running into is different timeout/sleep setting for different devices. ie: usb shutting down sooner than the disk causing the disk to randomly disappear.

    Or the drive could just be going flaky too.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I don't have one ide drive, I have about twenty. All of them combined are less than 100GB, so I'm hoping to take everything off of them and put it all on my new ssd. I don't want to have to keep turning off the computer and swapping drives.
  3. Have you tried changing the jumper pin in the IDE drives, try both cable select and master.

    I used this adapter in the past and never had any issues (unless the drive itself was bad)

    While constant rebooting the pc sucks, the pci/pci-e option might be the only one if the drive does not want to mount using usb adapter.
    Even then it is iffy on very old hard drives.
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