Get another gtx770 2gb oc or just upgrade?

I own a gtx770 2gboc oc along with a amd fx-8350 both on a gigabyte ud7 motherboard. I would like to know if it's worth it to buy a another gtx770 2gb oc or just upgrade it to a better Gpu?
Except recommendations.
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    I'd say sell it and buy a different card. Like a 970 or 290X. You can get at least $200 for the 770, maybe more.
  2. I would upgrade the GPU to something newer. Even w/SLI you're limited to 2GB vram which is just adequate for most game at 1080p but anything higher, you may suffer (i.e. GTA V). Plus a GTX 900 series are directx 12. Or you can wait until the new R9 3XX gpus come out soon and get one of those.
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