what if i have a stong cpu and weak gpu, which one should i use. i have amd a8 processor with amd r5 graphics and i have 8 gb

which one shoul i use strong cpu or weak gpu??
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  1. What's the question? As a rule of thumb, for gaming, a GPU is much much more important than a CPU. I'm not sure if this answers your question since I am unclear of what you are asking.
  2. whoa! thanks for the fast reply. my question is that when i'm playing pcsx2 i can change my settings to use processor or graphic card. i have a strong processor but weak gpu. if i select processor will it increase my fps than the fps of gpu
  3. Ok, now I get it. Well, I'm not sure as to which cpu and which gpu you have as you only listed their series. But my advice to you would be to try it out both ways, monitor fps with something like msi afterburner (don't use fraps, because just running fraps can decrease performance) and see with which option do you get the best results.
  4. Thank you very much.:love:
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